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Nutella Cafe Chicago

Nutella Cafe Chicago, Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA

9:00am - 6:00pm, Daily



Enjoy all things Nutella at the Nutella Cafe near Millennium Park!

If you're in Chicago with kids, you can't miss the Nutella Cafe. This cafe will be a huge hit with your kids, featuring the iconic hazelnut spread in its dishes! Plus, it has a great location near both the Chicago River Walk and Millennium Park (and the iconic Bean).

Once inside, grab a menu and pick out something scrumptious to eat. You can't go wrong with anything on a menu that offers both sweet and savory dishes. Kids, in particular, will devour menu items like crepes, french toast, and waffles. All with Nutella! Then, parents may prefer more posh dishes like a Parfait with Chia & Hemp Seeds or banana bread with strawberries and Nutella. Finally, there is also an array of cafe drinks and juice to keep everyone hydrated!

Order and pay at the counter, grab your number and find a seat. There is a dining room near the cashier and one up a few stairs. In the second dining room, enjoy floor-to-ceiling windows looking out onto the busy streets of Chicago. Once your food comes, sit back, relax, and enjoy an amazing lunch or afternoon break together!

There is a bathroom, with changing tables, available in the back. There are a few steps inside the restaurant, making stroller navigation challenging but doable.

Afterward, head to Millennium Park to see the world-renown Bean. Or, head the other direction to enjoy a stroll along Chicago's stunning riverwalk, where you can take in the best of the city's architecture. 


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Antonia Grant
Antonia Grant is a life-long learner and avid adventurer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She loves equipping families with the tools and confidence they need to travel and adventure together. Antonia is also a strong believer in the beauty of multigenerational relationships and travel. Her main adventure buddies are her husband and young daughter. As a family, they love trying new restaurants, hiking, and traveling the world! By day she works at Carleton College, by night she is a Minneapolis ambassador for happyly. She’s always seeking new adventures to write about and share. Connect with Antonia on Instagram @knead.to.roam!
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